Concrete Fence Repair Spur (1.0m x 75 x 75mm)

£12.00 Inc. Vat

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The length of these concrete repair spurs is 1.0m and the width and thickness are 75 x 75mm. They are ideal for supporting rotted square timber fence posts at ground level. This is a natural occurrence caused by soil moisture, which can degrade the timber.

Concrete does not degrade, so you do not have that problem. The concrete repair spur reinforces and strengthens the fence while also avoiding additional damage.

If only the post has deteriorated, concrete repair spurs are a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire fence. Because they are quick and simple to install, you will have minimal disruption.

To support fence posts where the bottom of the timber has rotted at ground level, repair spurs are installed using either a mixture of ballast and cement or postfix and coach screws.


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